Our Upick is officially closed for the 2017 season. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed visiting our farm.

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Watson Farms News

Empire Only

We are down to empire. There are still some on the trees so if you still want to get out and pic and snap the last few apple picking pictures, now is your time.

Watson Farms News

Cortland Finished!

Last day with the tractor rides for the upick. We are picking Empire and Mutsu. Cortlands are now completed but for sale in the market if you need some. Tractor will be stopping in the Read more…

Watson Farms News

Yup Open for another weekend!

Now picking Mutsu, Empire and Cortland. Tractor rides will run from 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Missed picking other varieties? They’re all for sale in the market including Honey Crisp

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