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Irrigation & Equipment


At Watson Farms we a have a pond that irregates all crops whether through drip irregation or overhead sprinklers. We like using drip irregation better because it only waters the crops and ont the driveways, walkways, grass or weeds. We also use a lot less water this way and yet fully water all the crops. Under ground pipes are run the full length of the farm so we can tap in and water every field that need it. Over head sprinklers are still necessary to have because if the weather man calls for frost, we irregate the entire time to avoid freezing the booms or fruit because water freezers at 0 degrees celcius and the plants freeze at -2 degrees celcius. As long as water is present, the water will freeze first keeping the plants at 0 degrees celcius. This is only a major problem in the spring when blossoms or fruit are present.


We have many different pieces of equipment on the farm.
Tractors are used to plant crops, work fields, harvest crops and allow customers to take a tractor and wagon ride from the U-Pick booth to the field and back so they can pick thier desired fruits and veggies. Every tractor on the farm has a purpose for one or more things to do on the farm.
We also have other equipment such as plows and cultivators for tilling the land. Bush hogs and lawn mowers for cutting the grass. Forklifts for loading and unloading trucks and many other pieces too.

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