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First Year

We would normally plant new raspberries as early as possible in the spring. The new plants resemble pencils with roots when we receive them. The first year is spent developing an extensive root system. During this first year the new plants will only reach a height of about 3 feet and no new canes are produced so the row looks rather thin.

Second Year

The new canes will start to grow in late April. The row fills in very quickly and by early July the new canes have completely covered up the original plants. In raspberries the cane will grow for the first year and produce fruit the second year, then in the fall it dies. The few canes that grew the first year will produce some fruit the second year but they are short and the fruit is often hidden by the growth of the new canes. Late in the fall the dead fruiting canes are pruned out of the field.

Third and Subsequent Years

The cans that grew in the second year will break bud and start to grow in late April. By mid June they are in full bloom and we normally start to pick in early July. During harvest the fruit gets too heavy for the cane to be able to stand up on its own so during May we tie up the canes so that when we are picking the canes do not fall on the ground. Also early in the spring the new canes start to grow which will produce the crop for next year. Late in the fall the twine used to support the fruiting canes is removed and the dead fruiting canes are removed to get ready for the next year.

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